Photo : Amman, Jordan © Hisham Zayadnh, Unsplash

Webinar “Rethinking the Nationhood in the Middle East: Jordan as a case study” - Second Session

Webinar supported by Institut Sociétés en Mutation en Méditerranée (SoMuM), within the framework of the Najor@Mo project, "Repenser le national au Moyen-Orient : la Jordanie comme cas d’étude". Organizers: Taher Labadi, Ifpo, Simon Mangon, Mesopolhis, Norig Neveu, Iremam.

Tuesday 15th of February, 3.00-5.00 p.m (CET), online. Zoom link / ID: 880 7734 0112 / Secret code : 832426

“Rethinking the Nationhood in the Middle East. Jordan as a case study: access to resources and transformations of the rural world”

Ruba Al Zubi holds a M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology and has over 20 years’ experience in the fields of sustainable development and green economy. Currently, she is the country director for the Sahara Forest Project Foundation in Jordan.

Allison Hartnett is an assistant professor of Political Science and International Relations at the University of Southern California. Her research interests encompass comparative political economy, colonial legacies, rural politics, and state formation in the Middle East and North Africa.

Moderators: Myriam Fayad (ULB), Livia Perosino (IFPO, LAM), Taysir Mathlouthi (Sciences Po Paris)

Description: During this session, we will investigate past and present transformations of the rural world in Jordan. In particular, we will discuss the challenges related to accessing agricultural land and water, in a context marked by desertification and a critical level of water scarcity. We will also explore rural livelihoods and labor, especially in relation to important social, political and economic challenges. This conversation will open up spaces to critically discuss the future of resources and the role of the rural world in present and future Jordan. More information on the webinar