Rencontre-Débat de l’IREMAM -  Hania Sobhy

Schooling the Nation from Mubarak to Sisi, Hania Sobhy (Fernand Braudel Postdoctoral Fellow/IREMAM).

Mardi 17 novembre 2015, 14h30, MMSH, salle Duby.

Schools are once more a battlefield in Egypt’s ‘war on terror’. With the aim of combatting Islamist extremism, “Intellectual Security Clubs” will soon be established in each school and an overhaul of curricula is underway. But Egyptian schools are far better known for their extremely poor quality, compulsory private tutoring and rampant violence. My work studies schools as a means to understanding the functioning of state institutions and the ways in which textbooks construct Egyptian identity before and after 2011. Through the focus on education, this presentation traces changes in social policy and official nationalist discourses from the late Mubarak era to the present.

Hania Sobhy is a Fernand Braudel Postdoctoral Fellow at IREMAM. She completed her PhD in Politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. She was previously a fellow of the EUME program in Berlin and the Orient-Institute in Beirut.

A noter l’article d’Hania Sobhy qui vient de paraître : "Secular Façade, Neoliberal Islamisation: Textbook Nationalism from Mubarak to Sisi. Nations & Nationalism" 21(4) : 805-24.