Second Workshop of the EGYLandscape Project: Next Steps: A Virtual Gathering 

8-9 June 2020. Working session open only to project participants

Project Leaders: Nicolas Michel (Aix-Marseille University): nicolas.michel24@wanadoo.frAlbrecht Fuess (University of Marburg): Project Coordinators: Anthony Quickel (University of Marburg):, Muhammad Shaaban (University of Marburg): Workshop Observers: Given the unique circumstances of the moment, some of our participants will try to join the work- shop as observers, when possible. They are included here, as they do not appear later in the program. Alison Gascoigne (University of Southampton), Adam Sabra (University of California, Santa Barbara), Wakako Kumakura (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), Gregory Williams (Boston College).

EGYLandscape Project. Land and Landscapes in Mamluk and Ottoman Egypt, 13th-18th Centuries: The EGYLandscape Project is a three-year, ANR-DFG funded research project that aims to explore the historical landscapes, agriculture, nature, and climate of Egypt throughout the Mamluk and Ottoman periods. A first-of-its-kind program, the team is comprised of leading and upcoming scholars in a diverse array of specialties including archaeology, history, and environmental studies. The EGYLandscape Project is committed to develop- ing new resources for the wider academic community including GIS and other data types. A mapping project, “Survey of Medieval Egypt”, is underway.