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Cross-disciplinary Axes

Cross-Disciplinary Axis 1 : Educational Policies, Teaching Practices and Social Interactions in Muslim Societies in Europe and the Arab World

This axis is an invitation to explore new themes around the ways in which knowledge is shared and learned both in the Arab-Muslim space, and among populations originally from the region who live as minorities.

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Cross-Disciplinary Axis 2 : Circulations, Places, Regulations

Since its creation, IREMAM has been especially interested in mutations in the movement of people (migrants, tourists, businesspeople, etc.), technology (policies, legal, security, etc.) and merchandise in North Africa, in the Middle East, and throughout the Mediterranean.

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Cross-Disciplinary Axis 3 : Conditions of Knowledge Production in and about Arab and Muslim Societies

Although IREMAM has often been considered to be an “area studies laboratory”, priority has always been given to thinking about the conditions of knowledge production in the social sciences, in and about Arab and Muslim societies.

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Cross-Disciplinary Axis 4 : Research, Arts and Digital Practices

This axis deals with the methodological and epistemological questions brought up by the use of exploratory and innovative practices in research in the humanities and the social sciences.

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