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The Contemporary Social Sciences Research Team

The Contemporary Social Sciences Research Team (SSC) brings together researchers and lecturers whose work deals with the historical, political, sociological, economic or cultural processes that impact the Arab and Muslim worlds, from the early 20th century to the modern day. In a comparative perspective, this team aims to decompartmentalise research on the Maghreb and the Mashrek, questioning the effects of historical processes (colonisation, independence, development, economic liberalisation, democratic transition, authoritarian resilience, etc.) that they share with other regions of the world (Europe, North America, Latin America, etc.). This research takes current “projections” of this region in a globalised world into account, as well as a diverse range of unique regional approaches (the Maghreb’s strong connections to Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa, Near- and Middle-Eastern migrations in the world, but also more recent immigrations toward the Arab world). Using a multi-disciplinary perspective, this research brings together different approaches from the social sciences : political sciences, history of the present day, sociology, geography and anthropology.

The SSC Research Team’s activities include several research programs, and follow three principal themes.

Theme 1 - Social Mobilization, Political Action and Restructuring of the State Scene

The recent protest movements, and the resilience of authoritarian regimes, has brought the political question back to the fore when considering the future of the Maghreb and the Mashrek.

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Theme 2 - Religiosities, Ethnicities and Socioeconomic Issues for Muslim Communities in the Context of Migration and Sedentarization

This rapidly-expanding research theme at IREMAM covers several projects and research programs :

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Theme 3 - Urban Issues in the Arab and Muslim Worlds

Since the early 2000s, the countries of the Maghreb and the Mashrek have seen a new stage in their urban transition. With 70% of the region’s population concentrated in its cities, which have expanded considerably, the urban structure has become increasingly dense, and the hierarchy of urban networks reinforced.

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Team Members

Team Leaders : Myriam Catusse & Thomas Pierret
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