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Doctorant à l’IREMAM depuis 2014
ED 355 "Espaces, Cultures, Sociétés"

Eylaf Bader Eddin studied English Language and Literature at the University of Damascus. After that, he started his Master studies in Comparative Literature at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. In 2013-14 he continued studying his M.A. in Comparative Literature at the University of Paris 8. Since 2015 he is a PhD student at the University of Aix-Marseille and the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies in Marburg, where he also works for the Turning Points research project about the Arabic Literature in Syria.

Main research areas

  • Arabic Literature
  • Comparative Literature
  • Arab Spring
  • Translation Studies

Thesis under the Supervision of : Prof. Dr. Richard Jacquemond (University of Aix-Marseille, France), and Prof. Dr. Friederike Pannewick (Univesity of Marburg, Germany).

Current research project

Translating the Language of the Syrian Revolution.

While the Arab revolutions have obviously triggered extensive social and political changes, the far-reaching consequences of the cultural and linguistic changes have yet to be adequately considered. For activists, academics, and journalists, however, the revolution was – in the first instance – one of language, a break with the linguistic oppression and torpidity of the old regimes that saw the creation of new languages enabling them to inform, narrate, and translate the ongoing events and transformations. This revolutionized language has been transferred from Syria to the world by narrators with competing voices (native and non-native academics, journalists, activists etc.). The crux of the research project is to examine and analyze the translation(s) of the language of the Syrian revolution (2011-2012) from Arabic into English on the one hand, while on the other considering the linguistic and extra-linguistic dimensions of the revolution (the language of the banners, slogans, graffiti, songs, and its representation through these media) as another way of narrating events, in short as another act of translation. This dual use of translation demands a broad definition : translation is accordingly understood as the movement of an event from a native place (language and culture) to another (different language and culture). Since most representations of the Syrian revolution are linguistic, it can be expected that an analysis of the different languages and translations of the events in academic works, blogs, websites, etc. will prove fertile ground for understanding the varied perspectives on the transformation processes, pursuing the questions : “how are events, narratives, and testimonies written in/out of the place of the event ?” and “what can the ‘lingual memory’ (Spivak) and ‘collective memory’ (Halbwachs) of the language of the protests narrate and inform ?

Participation in Academic Events

July 2017 - Paper entitled "Translating Protests (Syria 2011)" to be presented in the coming American Comparative Literature Association Annual meeting in the University of Utrecht, Netherlands (ACLA).

December 2015 - PhD Winter-School in University of Bonn on "Translation. The Cognitive Appropriation of European Key Concepts in Asian and Middle Eastern Societies”.

October 2015 - Guest Speaker on “The Translatability of the Language of the Syrian
Revolution” in Marmara University (Istanbul), Kemal Nemik University (Tagerta)
The Arab Academic League (Istanbul) and Baytuna Cultural Center (Gaziantep).

July 2015 - Euro-Mediterranean University in Marseille, Workshop "Construire l’autre".

June 2015 - Paper entitled "The Untranslatability and the Syrian Revolution", Presented at Queen’s University of Belfast at the Second International Postgraduate conference of " Territories of Understanding : Conflict and Encounter".

May 2015 - Paper entitled "Un-Translating Slogans of the Syrian Revolution", presented at the University Of Social Sciences Of Warsaw in Poland at the Conference of "Authenticity and Imitation in Translation and Culture".

October 2014 - Pre-doctoral Scholarship award for my PhD proposal "Translating the Language of the Syrian Revolution" from "Zeit-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius, Hamburg.